Sunday, 25 June 2017

Day 30

Ooooh something a bit more masculine for me.
These are stamps by my lovely other half, Danny.
You can find the collection HERE.

This was created on a piece of MDF.
I painted it with Celery Acrylic Paint from Creative Expressions.
The Celery is opaque.  Over the top of this I used some of the Strawberry Syrup paint which is a translucent paint, allowing the colour of the celery to show through.
I then used a stencil with more of the Strawberry Syrup to create some depth to the background.

Once this has dried, I stamped on the acrylic paint using archival ink.
I find this works really well on MDF/paint as it is permanent and dries really well.
These stamps are from Danny's collections which I have given a link to above.
Once everything has dried, I sealed this with a Gloss Glue Seal and Glaze, also available from Creative Expressions.
What a fab project for a man, a grandad or even a teenage boy!

Have a fabulous day.
Lisa x


  1. Great piece of work Lisa and great to have ideas for the men. Your Danny is very talented.
    Marion S x

  2. Hi Lisa this is stunning those stamps are awesome. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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