Friday, 23 June 2017

Day 28

Well last night I went to Lily's new Secondary School to meet her tutor, pick out her uniform and walk away with a very very light pocket!!!
I cannot believe she has grown up so much; it brings a lump to my throat as she will be spreading her wings without her mum soon!... Oh goodness me. However, she is a beautiful girl, inside and out and I need to remember I am a lucky Mum.  

But on a lighter note, I am working on Christmas!  To be honest I have been working on Christmas since last Christmas. Ha Ha!

I am desperate to share so much with you but I am sworn to secrecy for 6 weeks! OMG How will I cope!

So sorry to say I can tell you nothing.......

So here is a card instead  :)

I took a 6x6 hammered card blank and I masked off a section right at the bottom of the page.
I left about a 1.5 inch space then  masked another section.
I took one of the stamps and stamped in the gap between the masking tape in 
Chrome Yellow and Venetian Orange Archival Ink.  I removed the tape and you can see this fabulous border.
Just above that border I stamped the clock from the set in a mix of the 2 archival colours.
I stamped off the page, which is one of my signature "things".  I think you can create great balance this way.
I used some white sparkling embossing powders to cover the Pop ems and layered them up as seen on the photo.
I then took a stamp from the same set, to stamp good time, and another stamp to create the clock hands.  I cut the hands out leaving a white edge. When I glued them on I raised them slightly for more dimension.
I then popped on some sequins to add balance.
I love this card.
Hope you do too.
Lisa x


  1. Great card Lisa, I'm not a great stamper and am amazed at your stamping on hammered card. Six weeks to go to see your new collection - can't wait. (I had hoped we would have seen this on your July collection) Never mind.
    Exciting times for your daughter moving on to secondary school. I remember my grandson (who will be 13 in August) moving up to secondary school - a big step and they seem to grow up so quickly from then on.
    Have a great day and weekend.
    Marion S x

  2. Sorry, that should read on your July visit to Hochanda not July collection. Can't blame spell check for that mistake!!!!

  3. Hi Lisa this is a stunning card. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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