Saturday, 17 June 2017

Day 22

Hi everyone.
Today I am showing you a little card created with my Distress Crayons.
I really love playing with these, as they work in so many different ways.

For this card I first painted lightly over the surface with a gloss medium, and in this case, I used the Creative Expressions Gloss Glue Seal and Glaze.
This gives something for the crayons glide over.  If I had left the card uncoated, it can be really difficult to *move* the crayon smoothly.
I will try and show more ways of using these over the coming weeks!
So, after the card has been coated and left to dry, I embossed it to give some texture.

What I did next, was to take a few colours of the crayons and blended them over the white embossed card.
I then popped a Creative Expressions Mini Stencil - Diamonds, on top and used a wet wipe through the stencil which removes some of the crayon.  How cool!
I then embossed more card and die cut sections out (circles), to create depth and texture.
A cheeky sentiment was popped in the corner and that is it!
Hope you like it.
Lisa x


  1. Hi, great card, thanks for telling me to seal my card, have these crayons, but didn't get on with them, will have another go.
    Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

  2. Great card Lisa, don't have these crayons but love what you have created.
    Marion S x

  3. Very cheerful card. Love the colours. Hope you will show the methodology on a show one day.


  4. Hi Lisa this is a stunning card. Take care. Hugs Jackie


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